Barclay Ag Services hires its employees from several countries.  Some of the countries represented in the past include England, Ireland, Scotland, Holland, Denmark, Germany and Canada.  As harvesters, there are several things that are required of you.

  • Respect for Property
  • Respect for Others
  • Respect for Yourself
  • Respect for Work-time

During harvest, our work schedule is dependent on the weather! When the weather is good, we work long hours. When the weather is not conducive to harvesting, we have time to relax and enjoy recreational activities. As harvesters, we get paid by the quantity and quality of our work. Our employees get paid this way as well. Our work is rewarding. It feels good knowing our team finished a field minutes before a huge thunderstorm!  If you have good work habits, are self-motivated, disciplined, dependable, not afraid of hard work, and enjoy a family-type environment, working with Barclay Ag Services may be the employment opportunity for you!

If you would like to join the Barclay Ag Services team for the next harvest.  Harvest applications for 2016/17 are now open.  
We are always interested in applications for the following year please download the forms and fill in and return by fax or email.

Click here to view Job Description and Terms of Employment as pdf
Click here to view Job Description and Terms of Employment in word 

Click here to download an application form in word
Click here to download an application as a pdf


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