Barclay Ag Services is a family-owned business that has grown from a grassroots operation in the 80's, to the progressive, custom harvesting operation of today! This growth and success is due to honest hard work, dedication, unsurpassed reliability, and pride in our work. 

These are the reasons why 95 percent of our customers rely on us year after year. 

Mick and Robbie Barclay are the operators of this Australian harvesting business.  

This could be your chance to have a unique summer in Australia working and seeing the southern areas of Queensland and from northern New South Wales to the Victorian border from October through to November/ December.  

Broaden your horizons with new experiences, places, and people "Harvesting the wheat that feeds the world" in Australia this year.  A great Australian experience similar to custom cutters in America or combine harvesting.  A great Aussie experience working with an Australian Contract Harvester.


Barclay Ag Services hires its employees from several countries.  Some of the countries represented in the past include England, Ireland, Wales, Scotland, Holland, Denmark, Germany and Canada.  As harvesters, there are several things that are required of you. 

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Accommodation for our employees is a state of the art modern and are well equipped caravans, 2 X Montana Custom Built Caravans with bunks,TV,DVD and A/C-Sheridan and Hilton.

1 X Paramount caravan for the boss and wife.  We provide three excellent meals per day which are eaten at the caravans or in the field when we're harvesting.

The Harvest

Barclay Ag Services have been harvesting Since 1984.  This unique way of seeing the Australian country would not be possible without the Barcaly family support network.  They do a brilliant job of looking out for their employees.  Work ethics are tough so the job gets done, with some opportunities along the way to have fun.  

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